Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 2, Winter 2019 
2. Physiological responses of Nigella Sativa ecotypes to drought stress condition

Pages 2695-2702

Atena Alaghemand; Shahab Khaghani; Mohammad Reza Bihamta; Masoud Gomarian; Mansour Ghorbanpour

3. Potential benefits of foliar application of chitosan and Zinc in tomato

Pages 2703-2708

Azam Salimi; Zahra Oraghi Ardebili; Maryam Salehibakhsh

4. Influence of plant growth regulators (BA, TDZ, 2-iP and NAA) on micropropagation of Aglaonema widuri

Pages 2709-2718

Behazd Kaviani; Shahram Sedaghathoor; Mohammad Reza Safari Motlagh; Seddigeh Rouhi

6. Efficiency of selenium and salicylic acid protection against salinity in soybean

Pages 2727-2738

Narges Oraghi Ardebili; Alireza Iranbakhsh; Zahra Oraghi Ardebili

8. Evaluation of proline content and enzymatic defense mechanism in response to drought stress in rice

Pages 2749-2757

Borzo Kazerani; Saied Navabpour; Hossein Sabouri; Seyedeh Sanaz Ramezanpour; Khalil Zaynali Nezhad; Ali Eskandari

9. Farsi Abstracts

Pages 2759-2771