Role of IAA, GA3, riboflavin for crop improvement in fenugreek

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Botany, University of Gujrat, Gujrat

2 Department of Botany, University of Gujrat

3 Department of Botany University of Gujrat, Gujrat


Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) is a common vegetable in the world including Pakistan with high nutritional and medicinal values. It has low yield and biomass production in Pakistan. There is a need to improve its crop production. For this purpose, 50 mmol L-1 treatments of indole acetic acid (IAA), gibberellic acid (GA3) and riboflavin were applied on fenugreek variety Kasuri Methi. Data was collected at flowering stage for various morphological and physiological attributes of fenugreek. Result showed that GA3 and IAA had significant effects on the root and shoot development, foliage growth, peroxidase (POD) and catalases (CAT). PGRs also increased the yield productivity of fenugreek including vegetative yield as well as seed yield. Riboflavin showed non-significant effects on fenugreek. GA3 was more effective as compared to IAA for the enhancement biomass production, yield and biochemical attributes of fenugreek. It was concluded that IAA and GA3 can be used to enhance the productivity of fenugreek.