Genetic diversity of Arum L. based on plastid marker

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Agriculture and Animal Science, Islamic Azad University, Shabestar Branch, Shabestar, Iran

2 Research Institute of Forest and Rangelands, National Botanical Garden of Iran, Tehran, Iran



TrnL-F region including intron trnL (UAA) and trnL (UAA) - trn (GAA) spacer in the large single-copy region of the chloroplast genome is widely used to infer phylogenetic relationships in plants. In this study, we obtained the trnL-F sequences from 8 samples of Arum L. in Iran. Phylogenetic analyses were conducted by the Bayesian inference, maximum parsimony, and maximum likelihood methods. The cladistics analysis of phylogenetic relationships indicated that all species constituted a monophyletic group within the Arae clade. Eminium spiculatum were considered as outgroups. Biarum and Arum species were placed in a monophyletic clade. A. conophalloides Schott. and A. virescense Stapf. were placed in one clade. A. kotschyi Boiss.and A. korolkowii L. formed a sister group. Arum giganteumGhahreman. has been introduced as a new species in Iran, but in Arum monograph it is mentioned as potential equivalent to Arum rupicola Boiss. Molecular studies in this research can separate these two species and confirm previous studies.