Optimum conditions for asparaginase extraction from Pisum sativum subspp. Jof. Zena Abdulla Khalaf, Nabeel Khalaf Al-Ani* and Hameed Majeed Jasim

Document Type : Original Article



Asparaginase was extracted from plant parts of Pisum sativum subspp. Jof collected from a field crop. Asparaginase activity was detected in seeds, stems and leaves extracts. Enzyme activity was higher in seeds extracts (30.0 U/ml) compared with leaves extracts (26.4 U/ml) and stems extracts (16.1 U/ml), respectively. Optimum conditions for the activity of crude asparaginase extracted from plants seeds were studied. Results showed maximum activity of asparaginase was achieved when the enzyme was incubated with 200 mM of asparagines in a ratio of 1:3 (V/V) at 37 °C for 30 minutes in the presence of 0.05 M of potassium phosphate buffer solution at pH 8.Asparaginase activity was equal to 602.6 U/ml under optimum conditions.