Effect of pix on germination, growth, carbohydrates and antioxidant enzymes in cotton seed. Maryam Niakan*, Abdolrashid Habibi and Mahlagha Ghorbanli

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Pix is a plant growth regulators thatinterfereswithotherhormones and affectthegerminationandgrowthof cotton.In thisstudythe effect ofdifferentconcentrationsof pix, namely, 0 (control),10, 20, 30and40 ppm on germination,radicledry weight, radiclelength,insolubleandsoluble sugarsandantioxidantenzymes activity (catalase, peroxidase and poly phenol oxidase) incottonseedling (Gossypium hirsutum L.cv Ci-Ocra)  in Petri disheswereexamined. The results showed that germination percentage and radicle growth increased in concentration of 20 ppm of pix, alsoradicledry weight reducedat concentrations10and40 ppm. In addition, analysis of data revealed thatdifferent concentrations of pix did not affect catalase enzyme activity while it increasedperoxidase and poly phenol oxidase activityas compared to thecontrol.