Biochemical study of some populations of Gundelia tournefortii L. in West Azarbaijan . Arezoo Fathalivand, Siavash Hosseini Sarghein, Rashid Jamei

Document Type : Original Article



Some populations of Gundelia tournefortii were compared based on chemotaxonomical characteristics. In this study, some biochemical compounds such as total protein and storage proteins of shoot were studied. The populations were compared on the basis of biochemical characteristics using statistical methods. Different populations were collected from mountains of west Azarbaijan province. Total protein content was assayed through Lowry method and storage proteins content was determined by through electrophoresis via silver nitrate staining method. The results of electrophoresis showed that populations could be classified in 3 clusters. Orumieh, Ghushchi and Shahindej populations were included in cluster 1. Also cluster 2 comprised population of Bukan and the remaining populations including Mahabad and Takab were classified in cluster 3. The results of total protein showed the maximum total protein in Shahindej population (739 mg/100 g) and minimum total protein in Takab population (465 mg/100g).
Fathalivand, A., S. Hosseini Sarghein and R. Jamei. 2013.'Biochemical study of some populations of Gundelia tournefortii (L.) in West Azerbaijan'. Iranian Journal of Plant Physiology3 (2), 683-686.