Comparison of compost and compost tea effects on Cress ( Lepidium sativum L.). Mozhgan Farzamisepehr1* and Azade Reza1, 2

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This study was conducted to determine the effect of compost and compost tea on growth and physiological parameters of Lepidium sativum L. 30-day-old Cress plants treated with compost and compost tea were harvested and different growth and physiological parameters were measured. Compost tea application increased RGR, SLA, ULR and RLAGR. The contents of Chlorophyll a and Chlorophyll b in the plants significantly increased at the media supplemented with compost 25% and compost tea 75%. While total soluble sugars in leaves of the treated cress plants decreased total non-soluble sugars, proline and total protein contents increased with an increase in compost and compost tea contents in culture medium..From among different measured macro elements, K was further observed as compost levels rose in the growing media Finally, the highest contents of micro-elements were measured at medium supplemented with 75% compost and compost tea.