Growth and physiological parameters under salinity stress in Lotus corniculatus. Marjan Azarafshan and Nasser Abbaspour *

Document Type : Original Article



Salinity is a main and common stress which decreases the amount of agriculture products and natural plants in many areas of the world. In this study, the effect of salt stress on three varieties of Lotus corniculatus 'Karaj', 'Jolfa', and 'Ardabil' was investigated. Plants were cultured in hydroponic condition with four NaCl treatments (0, 50, 100, 150 mM). The amounts of proline, glycine betaine, soluble sugars as well as Na+ and Cl- were analyzed. The results showed that sodium and chloride content in all varieties significantly increased in shoot (p<0.05). The amounts of proline and soluble sugars significantly increased in all varieties (p<0.05). However, increasing in NaCl concentration raised significantly glycine betaine content in leaves of the varieties (p<0.05). As far as the measured factors are concerned, it seems that 'Jolfa' and 'Karaj' have a higher capacity to tolerate salt stress particularly in 100-150 mM NaCl compared with 'Ardabil'.