Effects of Response of Ocimum basilicum to the interactive effect of salicylic acid and salinity stress. Maryam Delavari1, Shekoofeh Enteshari1* and Khosrow Manoochehri Kalantari2,3

Document Type : Original Article



In this study, the role of salicylic acid pre-treatment (0.01, 0.1 mM was investigated)in inducing salt tolerance in sweet basil. Results showed germination percentage, length of shoot and root, fresh and dry weight of leaf, and photosynthetic pigments were decreased in response to high salinity but the lipid peroxidation, coefficient allometry, and soluble sugars increased. In plants pre-treated with salicylic acid (especially 0.01 mM)the adverse effects of   salinity on all measured parameter were alleviated.