Effects of some PGRs on seedling emergence and CAT and POD activity of maize under low temperature stress. Hamid Reza Eisvand*, Nasim Fathi and Darioush Goudarzi

Document Type : Original Article



Low soil temperature is one of the reasons for poor germination and establishment of maize. The aim of this study was to evaluatethe possibilityof improvingthe seedling emergence and performance of maize under low temperature stress. A pot experiment was conducted on Zea maize (single cross 704) at 14 ºC as cold stress and seed treatments were priming with  200,  300 and 400ppm of GA3; 100, 200 and 300ppm of salicylic acid (SA) and ascorbic acid (AA) with a hydro priming treatment and non-primed seed. Results showed that priming with SA 100ppm and AA 100ppm could strongly improve the emergence percentage and rate. SA100ppm and AA 100ppm improved root dry weight better than other treatments. The CAT activity in root was not affected by priming treatments but POD activity increased only by GA3 300ppm. In leaf, CAT and POD activity increased by priming with GA3, SA and AA. There was a negative correlation between CAT activity in root and seedling emergence percentage. There was no correlation between CAT activity in leaf and CAT in root. Meanwhile POD activity in leaf and root was positively correlated.