The effect of salt-pretreated Glomus fasciculatum on salinity tolerance induction of barley plants Ali Torabi1, 2 and Mozhgan Farzami Sepehr*2

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The present study reports a factorial greenhouse experiment usinga randomized completeblock design in 2014 which investigated the effects of salt-pretreatedGlomus fasciculatumfungus, salinity, and the interaction effect of these variables on thephysiological properties ofbarley. The first factor was mycorrhizasalinity pretreated with different levels of salt (0, 25, 50and100mM) and the second factor included application of salinityto barley plant at 0,25, 50, 100and200mM. Mycorrhiza pretreatment with 25 mM salt increased fresh and dryweight in theabsence ofsalinitytreatment in the plant but in the presence ofsalinity, it reduced thedry weight oftheplant. Alsomycorrhiza pretreatmentwithsalt reduced the leaf areaandincreasedperoxidase, catalase, polyphenolsperoxidase enzymes activities and malondialdehyde content. Alsoby increasingsalinity, fresh and dryweightandleaf areadecreasedandantioxidant enzyme activities, malondialdehydeandproline contents increased.