Keywords = growth parameters
Number of Articles: 7
1. Effect of SiO2 nanoparticles on phytochemical and anatomical alterations in Anthemis gilanica

Volume 10, Issue 3, Spring 2020, Pages 3223-3231

Halimeh Hassanpour; Nastaran Ahmadi; Malak Hekmati; Mahbobeh Ghanbarzadeh

2. Responses of alfalfa influenced by magnetic field and rhizobial inoculant

Volume 9, Issue 4, Summer 2019, Pages 2963-2969

Neda Kazemi Khaledi; Sara Saadatmand; Ramazan Ali Khavari-Nejad; Taher Nejadsattari

4. Effects of Silver Nanoparticle Exposure on Growth, Physiological and biochemical Parameters of Dracocephalum moldavica L.

Volume 7, Issue 4, Summer 2017, Pages 2173-2183

Zahra Haghighi Pak; Naser Karimi; Hossein Abbaspour