Keywords = Salicylic acid
Number of Articles: 10
1. Evaluating the role of nutri-priming in improving PEG-induced drought stress tolerance of stevia (Stevia rebuadiana Bertoni)

Volume 11, Issue 1, Autumn 2020, Pages 3509-3522

Fatemeh Afshari; Fatemeh Nakhaei; Seyedgholamreza Mosavi; Mohammadjavad Seghatoleslami

2. Morpho-physiological and biochemical properties of Carum copticum (L.): effects of salicylic acid

Volume 10, Issue 2, Winter 2020, Pages 3103-3112

Shahnaz Fathi; Sharareh Najafian

6. Improvement of lignans production in hairy root culture of Linum mucronatum using abiotic and biotic elicitors .

Volume 6, Issue 1, Autumn 2015, Pages 1535-1542

Afsaneh Samadi; Mohammad Reza Dini Torkamani