Role of triazolic compounds in underlying mechanisms of plant stress tolerance; a review

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Department of Plant Biology, School of Biology, College of Science, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Acclimation of plants to stress conditions depends upon activation of cascade of signaling networks involved in stress perception. Regulation of antioxidative system to maintain a balance between the overproduction of reactive oxygen species and their scavenging to keep them at signaling level has been previously documented. Recently, role of triazolic compounds like penconazole, paclobutrazole, triadimefon, and hexaconazole in the regulation of metabolic network under stress conditions has emerged through crosstalk between chemical signaling pathways. Thus, stress signaling and metabolic balance is an important area with respect to increase crop yield in adverse environmental conditions. This review outlines the recent advances on improvement in stress resistance by various triazolic compounds, aiming to identify new mechanisms of stress tolerance, and therefore, to contribute sustainable crop yield under stress to bring some potential practical utilization in the future. Researches have revealed that triazolic compounds, to some extent, help plants to cope with adverse environmental conditions. Therefore, these compounds could be used for improvement of plant growth and productivity in such severe conditions.


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