Investigating the chemical composition of different parts extracts of bipod nettle Urtica dioica L. in Tonekabon region. Saeideh Habibi Lahigi1*, Kumarss Amini2, Pezhman Moradi1 and Kobra Asaadi1

Document Type : Original Article



Bipod nettle Utrica dioica L has therapeutic properties in treatment of human chronic diseases such as anemia, joints pain and skin diseases. In this research the major components of extracts in different parts of plant (root, stem and leaf) were identified by gas chromatography (GC) apparatus. Twenty compounds were identified, the most important of which were Neophytadiene (25.21%), Phtaleic acid (8.15%), Dibutyl phtaleate (7.37%), Bis (2-ethyl hexyl) maleate (6.32%) and 1,2-benzenocli carboxylic acid (7.62%). The study revealed that the amount of these compounds in leaf was greater than in other parts of plant. Thus to extract the antibacterial compounds in Urtica dioica L., it is recommended to use leafs.