The study of Allelopathic potential in three species of Glaucium Mill. on Sinapis arvensis L. Mahlagha Ghorbanli1, Afsaneh Gran 1* and Amir Zolfaghary 2

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Charlock (Sinapis arvensis L.) is a serious weed of agriculture, especially in spring sown crops.  Genus Glaucium Mill. belongs to Papaveraceae and members of this genus have several alkaloids in laticiferes. The present research focuses on effects of aquatic extract of Glaucium oxylobum, G. elegans and G. grandiflorum on many physiological factors of Charlock. Laboratory studies were conducted to determine the seed germination and growth factors in charlock as affected by water soluble constituents of three species of Glaucium. Aboveground tissues of these plants were collected during flowering stage and dried. Five concentrations of aqueous extracts were used: full- strength (33.3 g lit-1), three-fourth - strength (25 g lit-1), half- strength (16.7 g lit-1) and quarter- strength (8.3 g lit-1) and blank (0 g lit-1). Charlock seeds were placed in petri dishes containing the Glaucium extracts, or distilled water (control). Seed germination percent was calculatedafter ten days. In general seed germination of Charlock declined progressively with increasing concentration of the Glaucium extracts. According to our results, with increasing concentration of aqueous extract, Charlock growth factors such as root and shoot length, root and shoot fresh and dry weight were inhibited.