Grouping of bread wheat cultivars by seed storage proteins. Sonia Kahrizi1, Mohammad Sedghi2* and Omid Sofalian2

Document Type : Short communications



To determine seed storage protein banding patterns in some bread wheat cultivars and the similarity of banding patterns among different cultivars, an experiment based on seed storage protein electrophoresis (albumin and globulin) was performed. Water and salt soluble proteins were extracted in sixteen wheat cultivars using polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and banding pattern was obtained. Studied cultivars were Karaj 3, Atila 50, N-8019, Khazar 1, Shahriar, Darya, Chenab, Kouhdasht, Augusta, Toos, Cros shahi, C-845512, Saysons, Ghermezak, Sardari and Tajan. Based on dendrogram, sixteen wheat cultivars were placed in four groups. Cultivars that were placed together in a group were more similar than the others considering morphological characteristics and growth habits. Electrophoretic patterns of seed albumin and globulin proteins in sixteen wheat cultivars showed that these sixteen cultivars are different in terms of protein banding patterns. It means that the albumin and globulin can be used in genetic evaluation to evaluate genetic distances and identify the cultivars. It can also be used for genetic evaluation of seed storage proteins, including investigation of genetic distances and proximity between species and cultivars.