The effect of salt stress on proline and soluble sugars contents in borage under hydroponics condition. Simin Zahed Chakovari* and Gholamreza Bakhshi Khaniki

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Borage is an important medicinal plant which must be cultivated commercially in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for pharmaceutical industry. This study was done under hydroponics condition. Seeds of Borage were obtained from Neka Research Center (North of Iran). After applying Benomyl fungicide, the seeds were rinsed with distilled water and planted in vermiculite. After germination and appearance of two leaves, the plants were nourished by 0.5 Longshtein solutions. At 4-leaf stage, the plants were divided into two groups: control and salinity.  Proline and soluble sugars contents were regularly studied under saline condition. While the content of proline increased, soluble sugars experienced a decrease under salinity. It was concluded that Borage was able to resist against stress due to change of contents of these compounds under salinity.
Zahed Chakovari, S.  and  Gh. Bakhshi Khaniki. 2013. 'Effects of salt stress on proline and soluble sugars contents in Borage under hydroponics condition'. Iranian Journal of Plant Physiology 3 (3), 765-769.