Number of Articles: 304
101. Potential benefits of foliar application of chitosan and Zinc in tomato

Volume 9, Issue 2, Winter 2019, Pages 2703-2708

Azam Salimi; Zahra Oraghi Ardebili; Maryam Salehibakhsh

102. The effects of glycine betaine and L-arginine on biochemical properties of pot marigold (calendula officinalis L.) under water stress

Volume 9, Issue 3, Spring 2019, Pages 2795-2805

Fatemeh Sadat Feiz; Leila Hakimi; Amir Mousavi; Marzieh Ghanbari Jahromi

103. Alleviation of the effects of on drought stress Verbascum nudicuale by methyl jasmonate and titanium dioxide nanoparticles

Volume 9, Issue 4, Summer 2019, Pages 2911-2920

Fatemeh Ghasemlou; Hamzeh Amiri; Roya Karamian; Asghar Mirzaie-asl

104. The physiological and biochemical responses of directly seeded and transplanted maize (Zea mays L.) supplied with plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) under water stress

Volume 10, Issue 1, Autumn 2019, Pages 3009-3021

Saeed Rezazadeh; Mohammadnabi ilkaee; Fayaz Aghayari; Farzad Paknejad; Mehdi Rezaee

105. In vitro propagation of orchid Phalaenopsis amabilis (L.) Blume var. Jawa

Volume 10, Issue 2, Winter 2020, Pages 3113-3123

Mozhdeh Asa; Behzad Kaviani

106. Storage duration and temperature of hydroprimed seeds affects some growth indices and yield of wheat.

Volume 7, Issue 1, Autumn 2016, Pages 1909-1917

Zeinab Farajollahi; Hamid Reza Eisvand

108. Physiological response of Gerbera jamesonii L. cut flowers to the cola and peppermint essence.

Volume 6, Issue 3, Spring 2016, Pages 1729-1736

Mehrdad Babarabie; Hossein Zarei; Feryal Varasteh

111. Effects of Silver Nanoparticle Exposure on Growth, Physiological and biochemical Parameters of Dracocephalum moldavica L.

Volume 7, Issue 4, Summer 2017, Pages 2173-2183

Zahra Haghighi Pak; Naser Karimi; Hossein Abbaspour

112. The investigation of some biochemical and physiological responses of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) cultivars from Iran to NaCl salinity stress.

Volume 8, Issue 1, Autumn 2017, Pages 2269-2276

Seyed Afshin Hosseini-Boldaji; Babak Babakhani; Reza Hassan-Sajedi

113. Expression of some stress-responsive genes in tomato plants treated with ABA and sulfonamide compounds.

Volume 8, Issue 2, Winter 2018, Pages 2353-2359

Leila Zeinali Yedegari; Nayer Mohammadkhani

120. Biochemical characteristics of red bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) genotypes as affected by seed pre-treatment with growth regulators .

Volume 6, Issue 2, Winter 2016, Pages 1643-1649

Mona Mohtashami; Ahmad Naderi; Ali Akbar Ghanbari; Mojtaba Alavi Fazel; Shahram Lak